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Intro Message from Troubadour Shawn

Every Creator must learn and create ways to attract to him or herself patrons who are invested in ensuring the maximum value of the Creator's work.

This is where I invite mine to gather. And if you're hear reading this, watching the video and feeling the invitation, you've been invited and are certainly qualified to come on in.

This is the place where you may join the tribe of folks who believe that music, created up-close and personalized, has the power to heal, uplift, and nourish human hearts; people who believe I am the man for the job, and who want to ensure that I do the best job possible.

Come on in and join the Tribe. Stay for a month or stay forever - at least stay for a little while and let me sing a few songs for you. <3

About the Band / Bio

I’m a kickstarter, an ice-breaker; a right-here-right-now flint-and-steel – a musical jumper-cable drawing on the Great Cosmic love-battery.

I move people to sing and dance with music and passion, melting resistance and dissolving barriers to participation in life – always beginning with my own.

The bow of my heart is aimed at full engagement in the present moment and soul-deep connection with the people in the place.

My story evolves from growing up in a small southern California town on the edge of the LA sprawl, dreaming of a life of adventure that always seemed out of reach…

…to coming of age in a series of big cities: San Francisco, Long Beach, Boston, and Austin, each forging my soul in the heat of its fires and nourishing my spirit in is lush cool meadows…

…until finally in 2010 I began to realize my nomadic dreams by setting out on the open road to follow the music and light up souls wherever I found them wanting.

After tens of thousands of miles throughout the continental US, Mexico, Guatemala, Alaska, and Australia, my mission to uplift and inspire people wherever I go continues to burn ever-brighter in my soul, and every day I give thanks to the Great Mystery for the opportunity to serve.

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