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Intro Message from Taylor Carson

Hello and welcome to a brand new way to get new music from Taylor Carson (and to get all the old music, too)!

We want to keep it simple, so here are the basics:

  • You subscribe with an as-much-as-you-want monthly payment through Patronism's secure website


  • All 4 of Taylor's records (over 50 songs)!
  • The audio tracks from theACOUSTICsessions videos (exclusive!)
  • The brand new (and first ever) live record! (exclusive!)
  • One brand new and fully produced song every month! (exclusive!)
  • Lots of "behind-the-scenes" stuff like photos, videos, new-songs-in-progress, demos, blogs and much more!


Patronism is new, but patronage is an old idea. If you have questions or comments, I would love to connect with you -- please reach out to me at


Looking forward to seeing you "behind the curtain" and out there on the road.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Taylor (and Team TAC)

About the Band / Bio

TAYLOR CARSON's fifth studio album in 8 years, WITH INNOCENCE, captures the sense of wonder and hope we all knew as children. It is infused with the optimism of dreams into everyday challenges and finds, with insightful observation about the good in the world around us. This summer soundtrack cleans the muddied lens and inspires the hibernating to awake and greet a new day. WITH INNOCENCE debuted at #6 on the iTunes album charts and is the work that Taylor is most proud of to date.

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Welcome from Taylor

Dec 30, 2011

A Special Welcome Message from Taylor Carson

Private Blog

A Note From Taylor's Management

Dec 30, 2011

An introduction to Taylor's manager, James Kenly.

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Private Blog

Week 4: This Week in Music History with TAC

Nov 21, 2012

#4 -- not Paul Simon or Bo Diddly ... today we are celebrating Oasis!

Private Blog

This Week In Music History with TAC

Nov 14, 2012

Celebrating Ray Charles' "Georgia On My Mind" on 11/13/2012. Enjoy!

Private Blog

On This Day with TAC (11/8/12)

Oct 22, 2012

The second in a new video series just for the All Hands On Deck Team! On any given day, Taylor will teach you a little music history and perform a tune for you! Enjoy! THE PASSWORD IS allhands