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Intro Message from Rattletree

Thank you for considering becoming a patron of Rattletree!  We are so excited to be a part of this new and empowering community!  We are constantly creating new music and recording our live shows, and we are so happy to now have a place that you- our fans- can get first access to our newest music!  

About the Band / Bio

Rattletree is an exciting, high-energy Zimbabwean style Marimba group based in Austin, Texas. Led by Joel Laviolette, Rattletree offers four different shows based on the needs of the event:

Rattletree Marimba: High-Energy Zimbabwean marimba music in it's fullest expression! An instant dance party that is accessible to all ages!

Rattletree Electric:  Electronica and Afro-Pop fuse to bring potent dance music to the clubs and festivals of the world.

Rattletree Trio: For events and gatherings where an interesting and eclectic mood is desired, but dancing is not the focus.

Joel Laviolette Solo: Traditional Zimbabwean mbira music.

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Proclimation of Rattletree Marimba Day at Austin City Hall

May 03, 2011

March 3rd, 2009 was declared "Rattletree Marimba Day" by Mayor Will Wynn and the City of Austin. This is a video of our performance. We had to set up the entire band in three minutes! A very fast and nervous event, and the best part is in the one song we play, I drop my stick on live TV! Woop woop!

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Video: Live at Zimfest 2009: 3. Kari MuDande

May 20, 2011

password: patronism

Private Blog

Video: Live at Zimfest 2009: 2. Muchenjedza Mutonga

May 19, 2011

password: patronism 2. Muchenjedza Mutonga from Joel Laviolette on Vimeo.

Private Blog

Zimfest 2009: Live at the Boulder Theater. 1. Marume

May 18, 2011

This is the full video from Rattletree Marimba's debut performance at the beautiful Boulder Theater. We were playing for "Zimfest" the annual Zimbabwean Music festival which Joel has often taught at.