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Many of you have asked how you can help me move my music career forward. Here's the answer: When you register at ingerleigh, I make more music. You get more music. You help me create opportunity and music. I deliver the goods because you've got my back.

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YOU ROCK, I ROCK! Get it? 

One....two....three.....GO ! ingerleigh is like a fanclub on steroids! ingerleigh is a way for you to be closer to my music than anyone else. With ever-changing content being released at my patronism profile, YOU, the PATRON, get to own it, share it, love it. ingerleigh is like a virtual tip jar! It helps me kickstart my new projects, while also creating a sustainable income I can rely on (and in today's messed up music industry, this is invaluable to an artist)!

I can't thank you enough for not only being a FAN, but also becoming a PATRON today. Musicians make music, Patrons make music happen.

Infinite gratitude and Rock-n-Roll Love,
Ginger Leigh

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Ginger Leigh (Austin) - From 
"Leigh brings a new dimension to the music business with her material, a total vocal warrior whose bawdy, soulful voice is seamless and relentless with no apparent boundaries or borders. She just doesn’t sing a song, she literally pulls the nails out of the stage floor with a powerful, hell bent delivery that is tempered with a silky sexiness in all the right places. The highest compliment she could be paid is that she sounds like no one, copies no one, and works a production on a record like a fine violin. If there is any one artist in Austin right now that would be considered capable of becoming a viable, bankable nationwide star, it would be Ginger Leigh. Hands down."

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Live Music Capital Foundation - Ginger Leigh - With Isaac Pena's Golden Age Orchestra

Jan 20, 2016

Isaac Pena's Golden Age Orchestra Feat. Ginger Leigh - How Insensitive Valentines Day 2015. Brought to you by the Live Music Capital Foundation. Austin, Texas. Audio Recording by the Audio Conservatory of Austin. Engineered by Jet Jaguar. Mixed and Mastered by Isaac Pena. Video edited and directed by Gary Feist. For more on Ginger Leigh:

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Ginger Leigh & her brother, Mark Seward, Jr. Sing "Home" by Blake Shelton

Aug 14, 2015

Ginger Leigh invited her brother, Mark, to sing for his first time on a big stage at "Love. at the Stateside" at the State Theatre at the Paramount in Austin, Texas, Dec 12, 2014. Enjoy their cover of "Home" by Blake Shelton/Michael Buble.

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San Fransisco Bay Blues acapella, live at Love. at the Stateside

Aug 14, 2015

Ginger Leigh sings San Fransisco Bay Blues at Stateside Theatre Austin, Texas for Love. at the Stateside 2014.