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Many of you have asked how you can help me move my music career forward. Here's the answer: When you register at ingerleigh, I make more music. You get more music. You help me create opportunity and music. I deliver the goods because you've got my back.

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One....two....three.....GO ! ingerleigh is like a fanclub on steroids! ingerleigh is a way for you to be closer to my music than anyone else. With ever-changing content being released at my patronism profile, YOU, the PATRON, get to own it, share it, love it. ingerleigh is like a virtual tip jar! It helps me kickstart my new projects, while also creating a sustainable income I can rely on (and in today's messed up music industry, this is invaluable to an artist)!

I can't thank you enough for not only being a FAN, but also becoming a PATRON today. Musicians make music, Patrons make music happen.

Infinite gratitude and Rock-n-Roll Love,
Ginger Leigh

About the Band / Bio

Ginger Leigh (Austin) - From Feb 27, 2010
"Leigh brings a new dimension to the music business with her material, a total vocal warrior whose bawdy, soulful voice is seamless and relentless with no apparent boundaries or borders. She just doesn’t sing a song, she literally pulls the nails out of the stage floor with a powerful, hell bent delivery that is tempered with a silky sexiness in all the right places. The highest compliment she could be paid is that she sounds like no one, copies no one, and works a production on a record like a fine violin. If there is any one artist in Austin right now that would be considered capable of becoming a viable, bankable nationwide star, it would be Ginger Leigh. Hands down."

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Bring Back the Light

Apr 07, 2012

Because I love all things creative, I recorded every track and videoed every visual, mixed and edited the entire thing....Just for fun. Enjoy!

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Ginger Leigh & John Pointer do "Angel From Montgomery"

Oct 12, 2011

At a recent house concert in Austin, John and Ginger do one of their old favorites! Angel From Montgomery! Enjoy the video....

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For My Patrons: Ginger on Tour Part 2

Sep 02, 2011

Thanks for following me on my journey! This is part 2 of the tour videos for my patrons. You are welcome to share them, repost them, whatever. It's all for you!