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Intro Message from The Boot Cut Brotherhood

We're on a mission is to be the 27th most well-known imitation of Tenacious D.  Maybe even the 26th.  We hope you join us, it'll be a fun ride!

In addition to helping us make videos, record songs, and remind people how silly life can be, you'll get all sorts of cool stuff.  Sometimes positively frigid.

Please join us as a patron, and let us know how we're doing, temperature-wise.

About the Band / Bio

Two men, 17 instruments, endless possibilites, silly hats.

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A New Day Dawns...

Sep 09, 2015

This is the stuff.  The steamy, gooey truths.  Sometimes it'll be hard to swallow, sometimes it'll be as sweet as a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie riding on a marshmallow horse, drinkin...