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Featured Track The One That You've Been Waiting For- Live on KUT 2011
from album: Live on KUT with Kevin Connor


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Intro Message from Wendy Colonna


So, this place is wonderful.

You pay what you feel, as frequently as you feel to have access to my entire formal catalog and hundreds of other tracks that are unreleased.

It inclues:

My First Album (out of print)
Radio Shows & interviews
Live Shows
Various Recording Sessions 

I'm always adding content and some of it is really magical. 

The great thing is  you get all this stuff in exchang for knowing that you're helping me that it helps me as an independent artist to be able to get off the road and set aside time to create new material, or hire a horn section for an important gig we're recording . . . 

Enjoy!  Wendy

About the Band / Bio

Louisiana Native and Austin, TX resident, Wendy Colonna has a signature voice of grit-infused-honey and her songs echo swampy-southern tales of loss, mortality, joy, reclaimed innocence and celebration.
Most recently, Coca-Cola released an Ad with music written and performed by Wendy that made it to the top of AdWeek. The ad has been warmly received by critics and fans with over 175k YouTube views. Wendy has released a full length single of the song, "A Happy Song" exclusively on iTunes. 
Colonna's latest album, Nectar, released in fall 2013 has had coverage by many notable media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, American Songwriter, NPR's Beale Street Caravan, No Depression, Lone Star Music, Buddy Magazine, (cover story), WFUV’s Sunday Breakfast (NYC) and more.
In 2014 Songs from Nectar were featured in heavy rotation on Starbucks Coffee in-store playlists across the US.
"On Nectar, the sweet honey of Colonna’s voice fills our cups with the enduring energy of her pure songwriting. She has blossomed as a songwriter, but it’s the unadulterated beauty of each song that moves us from one flower to the other on the album." - No Depression

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New Album Coming Along Thanks to you

May 29, 2013

Hello Hello!! A couple of Patronism Updates. First off THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AWESOME!!!!  I just wanted to let you all know that I have put the last 6 months of all Patronism contribution...

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New Demos for new album up on Patronism

Mar 03, 2013

Hey Hey. So, I'm getting ready to make a new album. it doesn't have a name and the songs are all coming together. We are hitting the studio on Mar 19 to start tracking. I'm going to do a Kickstarter Campaign in March to ask for support in producing the album, but in the meantime, I want to reward you, my existing awesome patrons for your support all along . . . So I've uploaded some demos to Patronism that I made on my Mac with just me sitting here singing into it. They are not fancy by any stretch, but they are the little naked baby songs. . . they will mature over the next few months, but these are all sweet and many are brand new never-been-played. Enjoy. LOVE and THANKS! Wendy

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Sep 17, 2012

I blink hard every time i think of the number 35. I try to remember my mom when she was 35. I try to remember how I got here and if I feel like I’m “supposed to” at this age. I ask myself if I have regrets, resentments or scars that have missed a window of opportunity to which I can never return because I am turning this NUMBER. I laugh a lot at how much OLDER it seems in my mind than 34. I laugh harder when I reflect on how this year has made me, in so many ways, SO much younger. Fifteen Things I’ve learned since i turned 34.