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What we do:  

  • Present  new musical shows with top notch jazz and roots musicians, composers and arrangers in beautiful inspiring venues
  • Take the live music experience to kids, elders and those in need of healing.  We call these Random Acts of Kindness
  • Present interactive and educational school shows that fire up the passion for music in kids of all ages
  • Release recordings, podcasts, interviews and sheet music of our output to the world.  Most everything is available right here at  Some content is only available to Patrons.


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About the Band / Bio

"Imagine what might happen if you dared to blur all these boundaries between pop music and jazz, between rock music and classical music, between the musical realm and the lyrical realm, between the honky-tonk and the church, and in the spirit of art and fun and experimentation, you reached out for something . . . transcendent? more. . . ."

Austin America Statesman

I'm Will Taylor. I arrived in Austin in 1973 and spent summers swimming at Barton Springs, played shirtless in the garden of the infamous Armadillo World Headquarters, lived two blocks from the Rome Inn where Stevie Ray Vaughan played the blues weekly.

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Zeppelin Show August 2013

Aug 09, 2013

Video from the August 2013 Zeppelin Show featuring Will Taylor, Dave Scher, Tameca Jones, John Pointer, Stephen Zirkel, Mohamed Firozi, Brad Evilsizer, and Rob Kazenel. Use this to LOGIN: / 1984will

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Strings Attached Attaché Video Channel

May 11, 2011

Videos from shows, exclusive recording sessions and more. Most in high quality HD.