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According to Websters Dictionary Patron is defined as:
a : a person chosen, named, or honored as a special guardian, protector, or supporter 2: one that uses wealth or influence to help an individual, an institution, or a cause.

 What I love most about is that for the first time in my life I have been given the opportunity to Give my work to you rather than Sell my work to you. It helps restore a relationship that (historically, performers have always had with their audiences}, which is symbiotic by nature.

 Asking for money or putting a price tag on my music is not something I’ve ever been particularly comfortable with. I have no idea what my music is worth, in terms of dollars and cents. I only know its worth something to me and I am moved when it means something to you.

 One of the things I’m most excited about is that shifts the dynamic from product/consumer to artist/listener, which feels more like a genuine relationship rather than a corporate paradigm. It makes the process of sharing with one another something that is more natural and organic.

 I have never wanted to be rich or famous. All I’ve ever wanted was the time and space to make music and be given a chance to share it with people. Becoming my patron will empower me to do this and I can’t do it without you. I need your support to keep working, recording, touring, eating, writing and creating. This is the wonderful thing about this new model, it allows you, as a patron, to participate and become part of the process. The beauty is you can pledge whatever you want; even five, ten, or twenty dollars a month can make a huge difference. gives you the power to decide what really matters to you. It’s not about whether or not it’s profitable. It’s about what you value and what you believe in. There will always be celebrities and pop stars and a miriad of fodder and distractions to suck up consumer dollars; but if we are to survive as a species we are going to need to get behind the things, people, art and music we believe in. These are the things that have lasting power and ultimately will shape the world and values that our children inherent.

 If you’re on this web site then you understand what I’m talking about. Your support and generosity would mean the world to me. As a patron you have the power to change my life and be part of a puzzle that you and I are just little pieces of; but without us the puzzle would be wholly incomplete.

 So here’s what I want to give you as my patron:

  1.  All four of my officially released CD available for free download.
  2.  Patron exclusive:  A live recording [available for download] of a performance at The Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ (2003), recorded for an accompanied PBS documentary I was featured in. This recording has never been officially release.
  3.  Patron exclusive: Unreleased tracks that have been lurking secretly in my database, (some for years, others recorded in the past year), many of which have not, nor ever will be “officially” recorded and produced.  
  4.  Patron exclusive: Written blogs and video blogs; I want to give you insight behind songs, lyrics, projects, or maybe just what I’ve been pondering and reading lately, along with musical suggestions of other artists, etc.
  5.  Patron exclusive: Songs in process and a songs I may have finished only hours earlier.
  6.  Patron exclusive: Out takes of pre-production demo’s from Crooked Smile – many “new” songs that weren’t included in the official release that I rarely perform live)
  7.  Patron exclusive: Unfinished and unreleased works from my experimental project Limited Sight Distance
  8.  Patron exclusive: Live footage from performances not available on YouTube.
  9.  Patron exclusive: Rare on-air radio interviews
  10.  AND once you’ve taken all that in, I might just share with you some of my earliest recordings, from a little known duo called Feast of Thieves (including video/film footage from my very first tour in Latvia (yes, Latvia) …though, that might be a while since that’s so early in my career it’s not even been transferred to digital yet, and I have to find it and I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in my parents storage in Connecticut and I’m in Austin, TX and of course, I’ll need your help and support to get it transferred.  


Music was meant to be shared. This is a beautiful way to do it. Like I said, this is a symbiotic relationship. Neither one of us is going to flourish, thrive and survive without each other; giving what we can and embracing what we have to offer. I want to get to know you and it’s my hope that you will want to get to know me. I do hope you will become my patron and enjoy this new journey as we walk it together.

 Thank you so much for listening!

 All the Best,


About the Band / Bio

Stefanie Fix is one of those rare birds who successfully marries instinct with craft.. Stefanie's the genuine article. An award winning singer-songwriter and an accomplished guitar player, she transitions effortlessly between finger picking, percussive strumming and bottle-neck slide guitar. Hearing her sing, listening to her songs, one holds witness to an intimate and powerful experience that speaks to the humanity in all of us.

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