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Intro Message from Saro Tribastone

Music improves quality of life, in many ways.  We all listen to music in various moments throughout the day and certainly each of our lives has a soundtrack; Listening to an old song can evoke in us memories and feelings of special moments, just as listening to live music can make us dance.

Musicians continuously create new music, blending their feelings with those in the air, and offer their work as a gift to the world.  Fantasies become reality through CDs, concerts, dances, and even just the music of laughter.  Often artists investigate cultural heritage to build upon roots, they interact with musicians coming from different cultures and work with artists in other fields such as dancers, actors, videomakers, photographers, graphic designers and so on.  But it’s not just musicians who do this.

We all nourish each other by crossing each other lives, and sharing that which means the most to us.  In this way, artists and patrons have always worked together to make the world more meaningful and beautiful.  

This is why Patronism is such a wonder.  It becomes very simple:  if you enjoy the work I do, you can ensure that it continues to happen, through more concerts, compositions, and records.  You will become part of this adventure, in search of beauty in music and life.  

You will witness the creative process, as you help creativity to flourish.  We can nourish each other.  And as we share that path, I will happily share all of my music with you…  the very music that you helped make.  

Please join me, my friends.  The world is waiting, and all it takes are a few patrons to help change it for the better!

About the Band / Bio

Saro Tribastone is a composer and performer of Mediterranean instrumental music who expresses his love for his homeland in Sicily though his composition and performances of acoustic music. A highly talented musician, he skilfully plays a number of different string instruments to create his unique sound.

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