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Featured Track What I Can't Have
from album: 'American Girls' (January, 2012)


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Intro Message from K Phillips

Heeeeeeeey yoooou.... (?),  (K stares, squinting and perplexed, pretends to know patron) Ok, I can't see who "you" are...but,

     One thing I do know is, if you have made it this far, I truly appreciate what you are doing. Thank you. 'K Phillips' is listener supported. We cannot do this without you. We could join a major-label and change our music and our clothes, but we don't like dry-cleaning.  We (I) do like sharing our (my) stuff with people who care to listen. 

   So thank you,


- K

About the Band / Bio

K Phillips is an award-winning songwriter. His performances marry storytelling, prose & southern soul. What people said about Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen & Leon Russell will be said about this kid. He has many arrows in his quiver but his words,his keys and his voice are deadly from any distance.

   Phillips is a West Texas native. He began writing & performing in
high-school. He is the 2011 Winner of The Bugle Boy  ’Best Of’
Songwriter Showcase. K's new album 'American
Girls' will be released in January. The album was recorded live, in 3
days at The Zone, in Dripping Springs. The album includes an all-star
cast of roots musicians, including Bobby Keys of The Rolling Stones,
Jimmy Pettit of Joe Ely, Bukka Allen of Robert Earl Keen and Rick
Richards of Ray Wylie Hubbard. 

   K is interested in cutting through, and helping people, through his music. He believes that if he tells his story, he tells everyones' story, no matter how crude, strange or lovely the narrative might be. 

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Nov 27, 2012


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Come In a Singer, Leave a Song. (Originally published for Galleywinter)

Nov 25, 2012


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The Song: Celestial Entities who dig the same tunes

Aug 11, 2012

K talks about how songs might be alive. I think he is delirious.

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Luna came home today

Sep 14, 2011

Luna, the dog, came to the apartment today. She's been at Stephanie's mom's house while we moved.

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Van's Factory

Sep 14, 2011

After this, I broke down and started skating again.

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Working on 'American Girls'

Sep 14, 2011

Bobby Keys, Jimmy Pettit, Rick Richards, Bukka Allen & Kevin McKinney help me with the new album.