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Chili's Beatbox Commercial

Here it is... the (in)famous Chili's commercial... in 256k format.  This was the one that came out on my mother's birthday, January 13th, 2003.  One week later I did my first post-Schrödinger's Cat solo show.  That was the one where my dad came to visit, and said, "Oh Johnny, I always told you I'd drive your limo when you were famous."  I replied, "Famous Schmamous... I just wish I could make a living.  I need three more of those commercials just to get out of debt."  And he said, "Johnny... artists have never 'made a living'... they have patrons."

Almost exaclty 6 years later, I would come to understand what he had meant, and launch the first early prototype of Patronism.

But back to the Chili's commercial... they directed me to "Dance!  Johnny, DANCE!"  The resulting awkward gyrations were what happened next, and of course... that wound up being the commercial.  I was told that Chili's had made a huge media buy and that the beatboxing commercial was a major part of it.

But then about two weeks after the commercial aired, Schlotzsky's launched a major publicity campaign saying that Chili's had ripped them off.  It was fairly good-humored.  They offered to settle it by having their creative teams meet for a two-stepping competition... but it never happened.  Chili's pulled the commercial, some people lost their jobs, and I was maybe mercifully spared the permanent label of "Chili's Beatboxer" unlike the poor guy whose career peaked with "Dude!  You got a DELL!"

At any rate, I hope you enjoy it!

The password is chilis2003

Chili's Beatbox Commercial from John Pointer on Vimeo.


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  1. Michael Skye /

    dude, i think this should be part of your patronism story on the outside of the site! the text and the video!

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