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Schlotzsky's/ACL Commercial

Back in August of 2002, after Schrödinger's Cat had disbanded, I got a call from Tequila Mockingbird, asking if S-Cat could do a jingle for Austin City Limits.  I asked if they wanted the band, or just the sound.  They said the sound would be fine with them, and this commercial was the result.  It was a little weird... I had never just put myself out there like this.  And here I was on national public television, airing before a program that I loved.

I wish I had a higher-quality version to share, but alas... this was something I stumbled across in the annals of my website, and posted in 2004, when you had to do things like create a 56k version and a 256k version (which was fast back then).  This may be the closest thing we ever get to good, clean footage of that S-Cat-style body percussion.

The password is ACL2003


Schlotzsky's/ACL Commercial from John Pointer on Vimeo.


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