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from album: YOU'RE COUNTRY NOW


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Intro Message from Jessica Shepherd

Howdy, Hi, Hello, Aloha!, Bon Jour, G'Day -

Thank you for stopping by here!  I am honored that you have taken the time, just to investigate what this patronism idea is all about.  We are all so busy, and if you are here - then I have done my job well to some degree.  I am thankful to have your kind attention, interest, and valuable time.

This is my 3-D scrap book, and soooooo much more!  This is a legacy in the making - a potential relationship with you as I have never imagined - an opportunity to co-create.

About the Band / Bio

Texas born and raised, award winning singer, award winning songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, producer, international touring artist, actress, small business owner... The list of duties and skills is pretty long, but the most important to me is making art in the form of music that touches your heart and stirs an emotional response from each listener.  It is through this exchange that we can know the beauty of our humanity and our community at a level that stays with each person and thus, comforts, inspires, and motivates.

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Hippie Church

Jul 05, 2011

I attended, "Hippie Church" an authentic South Austin experience this past Sunday at Maria's Taco X-press on S. Lamar.

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"Do Your Damn Job" - Has Done it's Job!!

Jul 17, 2011

Do Your Damn Job tops the Indie World Report at #1!