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Intro Message from Dustin Welch

Greetings! This is a rather exciting time as an artist to have the sorts of opportunities to share in greater detail what goes into our creative process, and give more insight into our lives and how we continue to be inspired. With this type of forum, we can take our audience from the moment of conception to the end result. Video a writing session, post a home demo, a video of the first live performance, and finally the album's recording of the song. We can keep our fans informed of our tours and performances, sharing road stories of things hilarious and otherwise unimaginable and preposterous to anyone who has not braved the wild of the highways and honkey-tonks. It's also, more and more, a desperate time for those of us who have dedicated our lives to our craft. The old ways are gone, the former paradigms have failed. This is a chance for us to be more involved with those of you who support our art, and for us to realize how enriching such involvement can benefit everybody. DW

About the Band / Bio

A Nashville native, Dustin grew up around some of the finest musicians and songwriters in the music industry, as well as those who operated outside of the constructs and confines of a potentially creatively crippling environment. At an early age, he was exposed to the literary value of song form, and formed his own unique style of storytelling.

In 2009, after relocating to Austin, Dustin released his first album titled, 'Whisky Priest' after the main character in Graham Green's consumate novel, 'The Power and the Glory. Nowadays, he plays and tours with his own band, and has a new record, 'Tijuana Bible,' which is scheduled for release in 2012. The highlight of his active schedule is hosting a weekly songwriting and guitar workshop in San Marcos for Armed Forces veterans. It's inspiring. It's a beautiful thing. He lives in Buda, just south of Austin with his rodeo queen bride, Kayla, and a dog named Scruffy, and they are both spoiled rotten. 

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Nov 28, 2012

Music is a healer. I've seen it all my life. It unites us somehow; it digs deeper into who we are and what we're made of. I don't believe we fully understand all about the way the brain thinks about m...

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Basic Training: Songwriting

Jan 29, 2012

I am on the artist advisory board for an organization called Soldier Songs, which gives free music and songwriting lessons to veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries and PTSD and I host a weekly workshop every Monday in San Marcos at the Cheatham Street Warehouse. This is a thing I put together about how I think about songwriting which we posted on our website and I thought maybe you guys would find it interesting.

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Journal- 7-28 thru 8-6-11

Aug 20, 2011

A run me and my dad took up to New Mexico and Colorado recently