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Intro Message from Don Slepian

I am presenting a new instrument, the digital keyboard, in a series of solo concerts that bring classical sounds of the past together with the instrument of the future.  I am here to stretch time and bend genres, to breathe life into what might be a dead art form (classical music concerts) and to create music of great emotional power, music that lives and breathes, ebbs and flows, sighs and thunders.  Should be a lot of fun, and with your partnership, it can happen more easily, more often.  We're at the beginning of a Digital Renaissance, and patronage tools like this make the future look bright.  Please join me.

About the Band / Bio

Don Slepian, Original Classical Keyboard Concert Soloist, combines unique skills in music and electronics with a lifetime of improvised keyboard music performance.  As Vladimir Horowitz was a colorist on the piano, Slepian brings the romantic feel and sensibilities to the keyboards of today.

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Working on Patronism

Oct 01, 2013

Am I supportable?

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Webcast Wednesdays

Sep 30, 2013

It's showtime!

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Wisdom Keepers

Sep 30, 2013

Getting ready for the first run of the Wisdomkeepers Theater shows.

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Cafe Improv

Jun 07, 2014

Here is a live improv show I did this past February.

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More Than You Know

Sep 30, 2013

More than you know, or would want to know, about reflective video frame buffers, hands looking like crabs, and timeless pianistic chestnuts. Beautiful piano with a lovely stereo sound recording.

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Sep 30, 2013

Looking through the Chromascope analog video synthesizer at public displays of synestheia.